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The first edition of the overshirt by Athi Editions. An unbleached cotton and linen fabric. A natural colour obtained thanks to undyed fibres. A collaboration with Swann who brought his expertise in the confection. Overshirt because it can be worn over a t-shirt or fine knitwear. Lighter than a jacket, an overshirt has no interlining and is less formal. With its many pockets, we have designed it to be functional, to be worn easily in mid-season.

Cotton and linen canvas overshirt with a loose, straight fit. It is a garment that can be worn as a jacket in mid-season or that layering enthusiasts can have fun using to give more complexity to their looks. The cut is loose and straight, but just at the waist. This means you can wear it over a t-shirt or a fine knitwear, without it looking as formal as a blazer.

Our overshirt has a cuban collar which differs by not having a collar stand. It sits open on the chest like a jacket lapel or can be worn up without being too stiff (there is a soft trimming that holds the collar in place).

In terms of pockets… Functional, this overshirt has 6 pockets! The lower rounded patch pockets are double. Which means that inside the jacket, we have hidden smaller pockets on the back of the front patch pockets. They remind a little bit the ticket pockets that you can have on a suit jacket. On the chest, heart side, an outside pocket. On the opposite side, the pocket is inside and we can see its seams from the outside. Just a little extra style detail.



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The fabric

Brisbane Moss natural beige canvas 🇬🇧
55% cotton, 45% linen, this is a fabric that nods to the origins of linen, which was once used all year long and even in workwear garments. In other words, it has nothing to do with the white linen trousers you find in the street markets by the beach. It has a medium thickness of 350 grams per square meter, which means that it wrinkles very little compared to 100% linen.

The fabric is lightly brushed on the outside, which gives it a fluffy feel. The inside is more raw and you can see small darker flecks from the linen fibres which are less uniform than wool or cotton. It is a fabric with great texture, which will take on a patina through the wrinkles it will mark, the colour will darken where the fabric is stressed.

Tissu brisbane moss surchemise ecru

Sanforised fabric
As part of the finishing process, the fabric has been sanforised to prevent excessive shrinkage. It is still a linen and cotton fabric and the fibres will still shrink a fair amount naturally. Expect 2-3% shrinkage if you put the overshirt in the washing machine. Therefore, favour spot washing, hand washing, dry washing, steam bath, and generally avoid machine washing.

Logo swann 01

With Swann’s expertise in tailoring, we were able to work out the details of the style and measurements of the overshirt. Rather than trying to reinvent what is being done in shirts or what they have been good at for years, we were guided to create an overshirt that combined our idea of cool tailoring with their tailoring standards.

🇮🇹 The production was entrusted to their Italian workshop (Swann works with either a French or Italian workshop depending on the style of shirt to be manufactured). The quality of the stitching is flawless and there are details that are typical of fine shirt making. The pocket edges are reinforced, the flapped fabric is topstitched, the collar is ” rib stitched ” and its angles are reinforced by additional stitches. Details such as the locker loop in the collar or the folds at the cuff hint at some of the specificities of shirtmaking.

A - Shoulders (in cm)43454749
B - 1/2 chest (in cm)52555861
C - 1/2 waist (in cm)52555861
D - 1/2 hips (in cm)52555861
E - Sleeves (in cm)62,563,564  64,5
F - Back length (in cm)71727373
G - 1/2 armhole (in cm)28293030
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